#14: Yoga Hosers & Kevin Smith

Luis and Dominick give their review on Kevin Smith’s new film ‘Yoga Hosers’ then delve into a discussion about the current place of Kevin Smith’s career.

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#13: Book Exchange: Trying New Comic Series

Southern Bastards podcast 4 Color Sequentials

This week Luis and Dominick give each other something new to try; Luis- ‘Southern Bastards’ and Dominick- ‘Pokemon Adventures’. Each gives their thoughts on both books. Then they wrap the week up with a news recap of TCA’s and an assortment of comic book news.

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#11: ‘Bourne Again’ & an Old Timey Radio Play

This episode the fellas dive into the fire and are “Bourne Again” in reviewing the Paul Greengrass/Matt Damon thriller ‘Jason Bourne’, then cover news and book suggestions. Bonus: at the end of the episode Luis performs an old timey radio play of one of his favorite comic book stories. Enjoy.

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#9: Saga

Hey friendo, on this episode Spencer drops in to discuss issues 1-36 of the magnificent ‘Saga’ comic series. We faun over the art of Fiona Staples, the storytelling of Brian K Vaughan, and deep dive into all the elements that make ‘Saga’ one of the best comic series being published today.

Editor’s Note: Fear not, Saga returns to print August 31st.

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#2: Marvelous Reactions – Civil War, Wonder Woman: Earth One

This week Dominic and Luis gush over Captain America: Civil War and debate on where they stand on the political debates posed by Cap and Iron Man. Luis reviews Grant Morrison’s ‘Wonder Woman: Earth One’ graphic novel. To close, the guys give their book recommendations for the week and recap news from the comic universe.